Suzanne's Story


 is one of the most Qualified Jewellers in Ireland and is passionate about her work,

Creating Exclusive,  Custom made Jewellery,   Personalized Engagement and Wedding Rings.   

She also uses her Vision and Experience to restore and remodel Sentimental Jewellery Pieces.

Suzanne won a scholarship to CFH Institute in Lausanne, Switzerland,

and was the first Irish student to attend that prestigious institution.    

She also has the JET Diploma,    NAG London,

and  FGA Gemmology Qualification from GAGTL London.


In 1993 Suzanne opened


at PRESENT PERFECT in Terenure,  Dublin 6.

Over the years the emphasis of the business changed from

Fine Jewellery & Giftware to Bespoke Design due to client demand.


Since 2008


has been working with CAD Design Software

Clients can now see their Custom Rings or Remodelled Jewellery

in 3D and experience the Design Process as it Evolves.        

 Since our move from  Marion House on Terenure Road East  in summer 2015 

Suzanne now sees clients privately by appointment -  contact details have not changed.          01 492 4788          086 7811 700


  At PEARL PERFECT there is no typical client,  

instead Suzanne prefers to take each commission on a case-by-case basis,

offering a Tailor made Personal Service to each Individual.        

You are welcome to contact us with your Design enquiries

and we will be happy to suggest the various options for you.